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Lift off! (and patch 0.7.3b)

Thanks everyone for making the Chordwatch launch a success.

As a one man effort, it's been a big relief to finally release Chordwatch! A full year since the idea firmly planted itself in my head. To see already many making use of Chordwatch's features, and offering insightful feedback which helps improve and enhance the tool during these early days is great. Thank you!

Beta patch 0.7.3b

For those who have opted into the beta via the settings tab, there is now a new update which includes bug fixes, styling tweaks and the ability to set 'midi input' as MIDI passthrough (Loopbe Internal MIDI / Chordwatch Passthrough), this allows for use cases where you would like to connect your MIDI instrument to your DAW, and your DAW to Chordwatch. Which lets Chordwatch detect chords from MIDI playback inside your DAW, such as MIDI patterns/tracks/loops.

This will be documented in more detail when the manual is written closer to 1.0.0.


To apply the update, click the blue 'update' button followed by 'install' once the download completes. Chordwatch will then restart and the update is complete.


If you have any problems please do let me know via the feedback button, and you can always downgrade by unticking the beta opt-in and 'updating' again.


Currently in the works are custom themes for the piano roll, which I hope to release as soon as possible. If anyone has ideas for changes or features you'd like to see, do let me know and I will see if it's possible. Finally, not to be 'that guy', but please do consider leaving a rating on the Chordwatch download page (linked in your email receipt), it's very quick and really helps the app grow! :) Thank you!

Until the next update, thanks for reading!

Kind regards,
Moonstop Software

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